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Greeting on the occasion of 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Party

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To Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan

Greeting on the occasion of 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Party


September 10th, 2009


Dear comrades,

on behalf of all members of (new)Italian Communist Party and of its leading bodies, the Provisional Commission of Central Committee sends you hearty greetings and wishes of success on the occasion of 15th anniversary of the foundation of MLCP of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan.

Your 15th anniversary gives us the opportunity to strengthen the ideological, political and struggling bond between our two parties. Our greeting aims for that too. But first of all we want to thank you for the invitation you sent us. Unfortunately we cannot attend the celebration in Turkey. But a delegation of ours participates in the celebration on October 17th in Germany.

We believe it’s very important to strengthen the ideological, political and practical bonds between our two parties. The communist movement is sprouting anew all over the world. The second general crisis of capitalism, begun in mid-seventies, entered into its terminal phase in autumn of last year. USA and European imperialist groups, the Vatican and the Zionist groups, despite their criminal ferocity and their nasty manoeuvres, meet with an insurmountable resistance in many Arab and Moslem countries: chiefly in Palestine, in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Iran. The environmental crisis has become very weighty and it is not resolvable within capitalist system. The conjunction of these events involves great short-run political and social havoc all over the world, and it shows promise about the development and success of world proletarian revolution’s second wave. Its full and definitive success will be the establishment of socialism at least in the main countries of the world: this success is possible, it chiefly depends on us communist!

Proletarian revolution’s first wave has achieved great results and has already engraved its indelible mark on mankind’s evolution: it has created the first socialist countries, particularly Soviet Union and Chinese People’s Republic, it has aroused the national liberation anti-imperialist struggle in the colonies and it has destroyed old colonial system, it has formed in every country communist parties which, in imperialist countries, have snatched great economic, political and social attainments from bourgeoisie and the clergy, it has defeated all aggressions launched by imperialist powers and Vatican against first socialist countries, and particularly the nazi-fascist crusade, headed by Mussolini and Hitler, against Soviet Union. Unfortunately proletarian revolution’s first wave has not succeeded in establishing socialism in any imperialist country and it has gradually lost its driving force for the progress of the whole humanity. This has chiefly happened because of the shortcomings of communist movement itself in the grasp

- of the nature of capitalism general crisis in imperialist epoch,

- of preventive counter-revolution regime which imperialist bourgeoisie has established in imperialist countries,

- of the strategy which communist parties must follow to establish socialism,

- of the method which communist parties must resort to, in their internal and external work,

- of the nature of the class struggle in socialist countries.

Because of these shortcomings of communist movement’s left wing in the grasp of conditions, forms and results of class struggle, the right wing has succeeded in taking the upper hand in the communist movement and in imposing the views and lines of modern revisionism. That has led the communist movement to decline, the communist parties to corruption and in the end to dissolution, the first socialist countries to degeneration and in the end to collapse. But the victory of imperialist bourgeoisie and Vatican has been short-lived. The general crisis of their economic, political and cultural system, and communist movement’s new birth on the basis of a higher view and line derived from first wave’s stocktaking, fuel proletarian revolution’s second wave.

The whole world can draw great teachings from the heroic struggle of Turkish popular masses and from the example of unshakable struggle which MLCP of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan is setting these last years. These struggles are a part of the second wave and they will be an important component of it. The revolutionary people’s wars which are developing in many countries and which are already at an advanced stage in Nepal, in many States of Indiana Union, in Philippines, in Peru and in other countries; the anti-imperialist struggles which in different forms and on a different level of consciousness and leading are carried out by popular masses of many countries of Latin America, beginning from Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia, of many Arab and Moslem countries, beginning from Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and of various countries of Africa. also contribute to the second wave.

(New)Italian Communist Party, heir of Antonio Gramsci and of the Resistance waged against nazi-fascism, applies itself with all its might so as Italian popular masses occupy a fit position in the new wave of proletarian revolution which advances all over the world. We will make Italy into a new socialist country: this will be our main contribution to your struggle and to the struggle of popular masses of the whole world.


Long live Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan!

Long live (new)Italian Communist Party!

Long live the new wave of proletarian revolution which advances all over the world!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live communist movement’s new birth!



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